Wheat is an energy source of the organism


Wheat is the food that is main in our daily life and plays an important role in baking bread. The main manufacturers of wheat are China, the USA and India. The fact that there is 80-84% endosperm in wheat grain leads to an increase in high-grade flour during production. There are botanical and commodity classifications of wheat, and its two main types are common, soft and hard wheat. Flour for bread is usually produced from hard wheat, because its composition makes bread of higher quality. Because the flour made from this type of wheat absorbs more water, prevents the bread from crumbling and is qualitative.

Wheat is an energy source of the organism

Do you know one of the reasons that makes us energetic in the morning? Wheat, which plays a key role in baking bread, contains starch. It gives the necessary energy to a human body and plays an important role in metabolism. Wheat contains useful minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorus, which are important elements for the functioning of bone tissue and internal organs. Magnesium and Potassium, which are important minerals for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, are the composition of wheat grains.

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