Our new Ciabatta mix is on sale now!


Good news for those who love a special taste!

As is known, since its foundation, the Besting family has been striving to provide the local market with quality products. One of its main goals is to always provide clients with services according to their wishes. The Besting team works tirelessly to strengthen the trust of its clients by promptly providing them with professional services. The company intends to expand its assortment as much as possible, providing people with high-quality products.

In this regard, Besting continues to expand its product range, constantly introducing innovations. Continuously working on themselves, the company applies world innovations in the field of the production process, products, and services.

As before, remaining committed to the company’s mission and thinking of the people’s health, the team created a Besting plain and rye Ciabatta bread mix.

This type of bread with a very ancient and great taste is a classic of traditional Italian cuisine. With its high servicing level combining quality products made of the best raw materials with technological support, Besting claims to be your only assistant in bread baking!

The high-tech quality is particularly manifested in the delicious Ciabatta bread mix. Like other products, this mix is very easy to use. Thus, you will manage to provide your customers with standard quality Ciabatta bread in the shortest possible time.

The Italian-Tuscan Ciabatta bread with its soft texture, crispy crust, and porous structure will become your only choice.

Famous for not only its useful qualities but also its popularity, this bread with its special taste will become an irreplaceable product for you!

Try the true taste with us!